My latest Drawing is “Down Low on the Rapidan“, charcoal pencil on 9×12” tan toned paper.



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Thanks for stopping by. You can see my latest painting or drawing featured above. Keep checking the site, I have been averaging a couple of new works a month. The “ART” link will take you to my online catalog of Paintings and Drawings. “Scribbles” will contain some short writings.

I’m currently located in Virginia Beach and if you’re here, too, or planning a visit, check out the “VB Local” page to see an in depth weather forecast that will let you check upcoming Tides, Swell, Moon Phases, and other handy info if you plan on some Fishin’ or Surfin’. There’s also a link to a calendar there where you can see what bands are playing where for free on the Boardwalk, and a link to the SurfCam at the 1st Ave Surfin’ Beach. Have Fun!

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New Things…

The July Show at the Artists Gallery is upon us, open the entire month. Local Treasures is the theme, come see the many interesting ways our Local Artists see Value in our Everyday Scene. I have two works in this one,   Andrea in the Afternoon and  Buddy Time.



Did you ever wonder about the process of painting, of how a painting comes to be? Some people can plan out a painting and execute it perfectly, but I don’t always do that. Sometimes inspiration strikes when you’re partially through and you go with it, trying this and that until something gels. That may not be the ideal way to paint, but it can be effective. You can get a peek behind the scenes at the process of painting here.


A favorite from about five years ago, here’s a short, short story about the Life of a Traveling Salesman, what I did for many years. Much of this is True, I’ll leave it up to you to decide what really happened on that Fateful Day ;)… Read it here.




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