“Cacophany”, 12×12″ oil on stretched canvas, 2018


Original in Lisa and Johnny’s Collection


From a cellphone photo taken at 48th Street Beach in 2013… wheeling Terns and Gulls gleaning Tasty Morsels at Sunrise…

As a bonus, this one can be hung as a square, besides the original intent of a diamond shape… it is wired for either configuration…






Domino Pool

“Domino Pool”, 11×14″ oil on stretched canvas, 2018


Original available @ $150.00

Prints available:

Gallery wrapped Canvas @ $100.00

Heavy Watercolor Paper, matted

36# paper, matted


This is on a Trout Stream in the Blue Ridge just after Leaf Drop, a warm afternoon following a chilly mornin’… not sure which stream it is, probably the Rose or the Hughes… but i am sure there’s Trout in there…