Busted Luck

“Busted Luck”, 6×8″ acrylics on canvas board, 2017

Original in Artist’s Collection


My brother makes beautiful wooden lures (plugs), mostly for catching Striped Bass in the NJ Surf. This is a painting of one, washed up on the Beach with reflections of the orange Sunrise. There’s some line tied to the plug, frayed and broken from a battle with a good fish last night. All that remains is a big scale, snagged on the rear hook. On your morning walk, you’ve come across the plug, and you pause to read it’s story, just before you pick it up and smile at your Good Luck, and reflect on the fisherman’s Busted Luck.


The plug was painted from Life, I traced my own toes and painted them from Life, and imagined the rest of the setting.