Ghosts of Seasons Past

“Ghosts of Seasons Past”, acrylics on 8×10″ hardboard panel with 7/8″ pine cradle, 2018

Exhibited in the March, 2018 show, “Small Works”, at the Artists Gallery in Virginia Beach. A haiku was requested with each submission.

crown royal velvet

old fly reels and favored flys

ghosts of seasons past



Original available

Prints and more available on Fine Art America.


Pfleuger Medalist fly reel with extra spools, velvet Crown Royal bags, and Striper flys, tyed by the artist. Painted from an arranged still life, early morning light.

From the 40s into the 60s, the Medalist was the working man’s fly reel, cheap and tough. It was one of the first fly reels to be used on small to mid sized saltwater fish and collectors of vintage tackle often have a soft spot for the first reel they chased Stripers or Sea Trout with. It is easy to imagine a late winter night spent cleaning and preparing old tackle for the upcoming Spring season. There’s an empty Crown Royal bag and a groggy awakening at the tackle bench as the morning Sun floods the scene, proportions a bit askew, and from the shadowy corners you can still barely make out the Ghosts of Seasons Past…