“Lure”, acrylics on 10×10″ hardboard panel with 2″ pine cradle, 2018

Exhibited in the May, 2018 show, “Bloomin Art”, at the Artists Gallery in Virginia Beach.

Original in Jan’s Collection

Prints and more available on Fine Art America.


Painted from a photo I took about fifteen years previously, when I managed a small Garden Center. The plant is a citrus, Poncirus trifoliata, Flying Dragon. The species is called Hardy Citron and can survive into New York State, in protected locations. It is often used as understock to graft citrus varieties on to enhance their cold hardiness. Flying Dragon is a contorted variety of the species, so twisted that even the thorns are curved. The flower carries that wonderful citrus aroma and produces a fruit just shy of golf ball size. It is sticky and bitter, but does have value if you live north of the usual citrus range, as you can pick a fruit from a patio side bush and squeeze it in a drink for a guest.

The flower is painted realistically but the background has been given a touch of the sinister. Originally titled, “Hooks”, I changed it to, “Lure”, as the painting progressed and the background played a larger role in the piece.