“Samara”, acrylics on 8×10″ hardboard panel with 2″ pine cradle, 2018

Exhibited in the May, 2018 show, “Bloomin Art”, at the Artists Gallery in Virginia Beach.

Original in Alexis’ collection

Prints and more available at Fine Art America.


Painted from a photo I took about fifteen years previously, when I managed a small Garden Center. I wanted to point out that flowers were not the only Spring Color out there. In this composition seeds and leaves of a Japanese Maple hold their own against the bright yellow Coneflowers in the background. “Samara” is the botanical term for a winged nut or seed. “Helicopter” is the Little Kid term for the same.

The colors in this piece are strong and vivid, and though it is small, it will draw attention to the area where it hangs.