Told Ya Not to Fool With Those Redheads, Son

“Told Ya Not to Fool With Those Redheads, Son”, acrylics on 10×20″ stretched canvas, 2017

Exhibited in the February, 2018 show, “Red”, at the Artists Gallery in Virginia Beach

Original available @ $200.00, plus shipping, if applicable

Prints available:

Gallery wrapped Canvas, approx. 10×20″x2″ thickness, mirrored edges, no frame required (but you can if you want) @$120.00

Heavy Watercolor Paper, matted

36# paper, matted


I caught this Redfish, or Puppy Drum, in late October, 2013. In the photo I took, he was laying on grass, but I thought the edge of the Surf in the Bay at First Landing Park was a much better setting, so I painted that using several reference pics I took in the Park. The lure in the fish’s mouth is one of the plugs my brother makes.

This painting style makes a nice substitute for a mounted fish and looks good on a wall above or around where your rods and other tackle are displayed.