New Studio, First Look

“New Studio, First Look”, acrylics on 9×12″ stretched canvas, 2019

Original available @ $150.00

Entered in The Las Cruces First Friday Art Ramble, May 2019 and exhibited at MAS Art for the month of May.

Painted from a picture taken when I first arrived in New Mexico, my first look at my New Studio (rented sight unseen from a craigslist ad) in early March. ’19. Painting completed in late April, ’19…

As I took the picture, I was standing on the original route  of the old El Camino Real, the Royal Road the Spaniards built from Mexico City to Santa Fe… Everybody, from legions of Conquistadores, columns of Mexican Army and American Cavalry, Outlaws like Billy the Kid and Crew, and Lawmen like Sheriff Pat Garrett, not to mention all the Settlers, Travelers, Traders, Natives, etc., all passed right by where my doorstep currently is… There was also an Apache ambush/massacre apparently within footsteps of my abode, about fifty people killed with only a young boy as sole survivor… One story of how Las Cruces was named; crosses were put up for each victim of the massacre, also several parties of people migrating to the west coast all died here from trying to cross the Desert and they got crosses, too… Las Cruces is Spanish for “The Crosses”… So, there’s plenty of Spirits (and History) here… they are a part of This Place and i felt i should include Them… Look closely into the Open Door, into the Shadows, you might see Them, too…



Here’s a couple of shell studies started in VB and finished up in LC.


This shell was done in the Studio with the Beach added from imagination. “Beach Shell”, acrylics on 5×7″ stretched canvas.





I set the shell up in a box with single point lighting and treated it as a Still Life. “Studio Shell”, acrylics on 6×6″ stretched canvas.




Originals available.


“Intrusion”, charcoal on 9×12″ tan toned paper, 2019

Original available, matted (black) to fit 11×14″ frame


This is a sketch done en plein air in First Landing State Park and finished in the studio. It is in a low lying area where salt water intrusion has killed many Pines and Cedars. The many standing dead trees are a popular nesting and perching site for Ospreys and Eagles.