When I was learning to paint with acrylics, one of my early discoveries was that a Tshirt, while you are wearing it, makes the best paint rag… you always know right where it is, it’s always within easy reach, so you don’t think about it, you just wipe your brush and move on to the next color… of course, the Tshirt collects these colors and brush strokes and becomes an objet d’ art of itself… so, I threw them in a pile as they filled up with color, and now I have enhanced them with designs and images…

Initially, they receive just standard acrylic paint, sometimes with gels and mediums added… when I enhance them, I often add a fabric medium so the paint spreads and adheres better to the 100% cotton shirts… they are all sized Men’s Large, by the way, because they fit me comfortably when I paint and they are, I think, the closest thing to a universal size… when they are used as a paint rag, I will wipe brushes and palette knives on the sleeves and wear them backwards when the front fills up, so they are decorated on all sides… I hope you enjoy them, these are all one-of-a-kind originals…






Toadie – Singin’ in the Shower

“Toadie – Singin’ in the Shower”, acrylics on 4×6″ hardboard panel with 3/4″ pine cradle, 2018


Original in Amy’s Collection


Prints available:

Heavy Watercolor Paper, matted

36# paper, matted


Painted from a photo taken the previous season of a Toad sitting and singing under a waterfall in a Garden Pond during breeding season. This is a commissioned work.