Seas ’n Trees. That pretty much sums up where and how I’ve lived my Life, and where my interests lie. Ever since I was old enough to be out on my own for a few hours, odds were I would be out in the Woods and Waters.

A career as a Bonsai Artist and Nurseryman gave me deep insights and taught me much about Trees and the Ecosystems that sustain them. When I wasn’t working, I was often Fishing or enjoying other Watersports like Boating, Sailing, Swimming, Surfing, and Scuba Diving, but mostly, Fishin’.  And Camping, Hiking, and time in the Mountains took me to other places Fish lived. I dabbled in a few other Arts, as well, like Scrimshaw, Fly Tying, and Digital Photography and Imaging but somehow evaded learning how to Draw or Paint properly.

My interest in Painting dawned in 2017 and I have pursued it passionately. To Paint, you must have Drawing skills, so I have spent most of the last couple of years developing my techniques. I have found that Painting has woven together  many of the loose strings of my Life and has provided an interesting new Trail to follow into my Sunset Years. I hope you enjoy my efforts.

Previously, I was an Invitational Artist and participated in many of the monthly exhibitions at the Artists Gallery in Virginia Beach. In early 2019 I relocated to Las Cruces, New Mexico to pursue an interest in the Desert Environment and the Wonderful Colors and Light that illuminate it.






self portrait, 2017

black and white charcoal on 11×14″ tan toned paper






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