Meep Meep

“Meep Meep”, acrylics on 8×8″ stretched canvas, 2019

Original available

If you live in New Mexico you must paint Roadrunners, so here’s my first. If you’re wonderin’ whether those balloons come from Acme, you’d be right. They’re filled with TNT, too. The first one is a decoy, the Coyote is in the yellow one. They’re driftin’ over from the missile range, but I think the guy flyin’ around in the restored WWII fighter plane might have trouble seein’ the yellow balloon in the sunglare…


Here’s a couple of shell studies started in VB and finished up in LC.


This shell was done in the Studio with the Beach added from imagination. “Beach Shell”, acrylics on 5×7″ stretched canvas.





I set the shell up in a box with single point lighting and treated it as a Still Life. “Studio Shell”, acrylics on 6×6″ stretched canvas.




Originals available.