Practice. Practice. Practice.

You may, or may not, have “talent”, but sketching, drawing, and doodling as often as you can is the way you’ll get better in either case. Try to make it a daily habit. Both your drawing and painting will benefit greatly.

Moving from Virginia to New Mexico interrupted my Art for about six months and I’m now trying to get back in the groove… I’ve resumed sketching… I liken it to piano practice, it’s not something to keep, just a way to keep learning and sharpen your skills…

Here’s some of what I’ve been up to lately…

I volunteer once a week at a non-profit MakerSpace and try to get in a weekly pen sketch of the New Donations area, a large Still Life that’s ever changing…



Here’s a couple of shell studies started in VB and finished up in LC.


This shell was done in the Studio with the Beach added from imagination. “Beach Shell”, acrylics on 5×7″ stretched canvas.





I set the shell up in a box with single point lighting and treated it as a Still Life. “Studio Shell”, acrylics on 6×6″ stretched canvas.




Originals available.