“Intrusion”, charcoal on 9×12″ tan toned paper, 2019

Original available, matted (black) to fit 11×14″ frame


This is a sketch done en plein air in First Landing State Park and finished in the studio. It is in a low lying area where salt water intrusion has killed many Pines and Cedars. The many standing dead trees are a popular nesting and perching site for Ospreys and Eagles.


“Cacophany”, 12×12″ oil on stretched canvas, 2018


Original in Lisa and Johnny’s Collection


From a cellphone photo taken at 48th Street Beach in 2013… wheeling Terns and Gulls gleaning Tasty Morsels at Sunrise…

As a bonus, this one can be hung as a square, besides the original intent of a diamond shape… it is wired for either configuration…