Meep Meep

“Meep Meep”, acrylics on 8×8″ stretched canvas, 2019

Original available

If you live in New Mexico you must paint Roadrunners, so here’s my first. If you’re wonderin’ whether those balloons come from Acme, you’d be right. They’re filled with TNT, too. The first one is a decoy, the Coyote is in the yellow one. They’re driftin’ over from the missile range, but I think the guy flyin’ around in the restored WWII fighter plane might have trouble seein’ the yellow balloon in the sunglare…

Barefoot Ramble

As sorry as I always am to see Summer slipping away, I must admit that early Autumn is a spectacular time of year. The days are warm now, rather than hot, and growing shorter. This starts the cooling of the waters, and these signals tell almost everything in Nature to move or shift tactics. It’s migration time for many, time to beat tail for those faraway winter quarters. Continue reading “Barefoot Ramble”