Drawings ’17/’18

Originals and prints are matted to a standard frame size, mounted on archival foam board, and come in a protective clear plastic envelope, ready to frame, unless otherwise noted. All prints are printed and matted to order, please allow an average ship time of two weeks. Product and materials availability, transportation, Holidays, etc. can all impact delivery.  Thank you.


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“Tufted Titmouse”, 9×12″ charcoal and sanguine on grey toned paper


“Butterfly”, 9×12″ charcoal on yellow pastel paper


“IceFish”, 9×12″ charcoal on bristol


“Great White”, 9×12″ charcoal on blue pastel paper


“Me and Dynamite Slim, Fifty Years Back”, 9×12″, graphite on drawing paper


“SuperMoon Rise at Buff’s Garden #1″, 9×12”, charcoal on bristol


“SuperMoon Rise at Buff’s Garden #2″, 9×12”, charcoal and sanguine on bristol


“Down Low on the Rapidan”, 9×12″ charcoal on tan toned paper


“64th Street Seashore Park”, 9×12″ charcoal on drawing paper


“Beach Punks”, 9×12″ charcoal on Canson granite toned pastel paper


“Macs Seafood Shack”, charcoal and cretacolor pencil on 9×12″ Canson blue pastel paper



“oh noes, i’ze caught, i’ze caught”, charcoal, sanguine, sepia pencil on 9×12″ charcoal paper, matted to fit 11×14″ frame



“Wednesday Mornin'”, charcoal on 11×14″ toned grey paper, matted to fit an 11×14″ frame


“Intrusion”, charcoal on 9×12″ tan toned paper