Bonsai Moon

“Bonsai Moon”, acrylics on 8×8″ stretched canvas, 2020

Original in Dennis’ collection.

Prints and more available on Fine Art America

Picked up a canvas to test out some new paints (they passed) and ended up with this, a mix of old memories and fantasy.

The Old Trees persevere in the harsh canyons, living frugally on scarce rains, detritus, and fresh, clear, air. Howls of the Wolves and Bird Chatter have sustained them. Moonlight bathes them, and pulls nutritional fluids to their furthest root and branch tips, like She pulls the Ocean Tides. Though their first trunks have been toppled and swept away by adversity and happenstance, new trunks have grown, exploring new directions and balances, holding fast to their precarious perch as the Centuries march past.