Bonsai Maintenance

These guides were originally made with a typewriter (toldya Bonsai is an Ancient Art). They were scanned from printed copies and are technically pictures. Click one to enlarge it, then click the white circle in the upper right corner to further enlarge it to read.

These are the Basics, in a highly condensed form; seeds to grow into thoughts.

©1992 Mike Kling

Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper, trained for a few years from nursery stock. Modeled after wind sculpted Mountain Trees, this youngster already has some deadwood development. The branches need much work. The canopy is sketched in, now individual branches should be thinned and developed. It is somewhat incongruous for the tortured trunk to support such lush growth. As the branches are reshaped and thinned to fill in the canopy, some will be killed off for more driftwood throughout the tree.