Ye Are a Fisherman

A short verse, inspired by some of the more dedicated Fishermen I have known…

The artwork is more recent and was made with sumi-e ink, bamboo brushes, and bamboo sketching pens… It was colored, text added, and edited digitally…

Prints and more available at Fine Art America.



Ye are a fisherman,

and ye have no choice

but to endure what the SeaGods throw at ye.

Take the stingin’, cold rain in the face,

and the rogue waves over the waders and down the neck.

Stay out way too long and late

just to savor the beautiful feeling o’ hope

that refuses to be chased away by inclemency and inaction.

Ye may be unable to win the prize that stays just beyond yer grasp,

but that does not diminish the experience.

Just go out and enjoy it,

because ye have to.

The Sea has ye hooked, and she reels ye in unmercifully.


©2009, Mike Kling, all rights reserved